Hello there, I'm Paige.

Moonstorm Design is where I make magic happen by working with others, like you, to conjure up a creative design plan to help them reach their goals.

Design = Magic

No, things don’t *poof* magically happen, there is a lot involved. However, at the end of the project when we gaze upon everything that came together due to the hard work and dedication going into creating, that feels like magic. I want to make that your reality.

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Paige Craft

Owner & Creative Designer


Paige has always been my go-to to collaborate with! She asks all the right questions to ensure your vision is achieved. She’s a joy to work with and her delight to please clients is evident.

Suzette Wunsche Sanchez - Community Builder

Paige made quick work of a project I needed done. I gave her a few guidelines and she took the project and ran with it. I'm very satisfied with Paige's work and she was very easy to work with.

Leighton Hart - Registered Investment Advisor