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a managed services provider in Omaha, NE offering a hassle-free approach to IT, to clients throughout the US.

tl;dr—scroll down for the brand guide

With humble beginnings as an in-house IT department, Weightless IT Solutions (WITS) was first “TiNik IT Solutions”, named after parent company, TiNik, INC.

The project kicked off with meetings at Mr. Toad’s (where a few Omaha start-ups have planned for their future); and came to an end, well, a ‘new beginning’, really, with an organized, segmented brand launch, and a no b.s. website.


  1. Create a new name and brand identity that represents the knowledgable, friendly, customer-centric experience that clients receive when partnering with WITS.
  2. Build a website with the purpose of allowing end-users to quickly submit a support ticket or contact the help desk, and enabling potential clients to reach out directly.
  3. Develop a launch plan with multiple phases:
    • internal and existing clients
    • Public/external



Clients should be able to trust their MSP to act in ways best for the client’s business, with no unnecessary services and contracts that take advantage of the use of tech jargon and the client’s potentially limited tech knowledge.

real people

Employees’ and clients’ needs are unique—No person or business is the same. The customer and employee experience—and relationship building that comes with it—is of the utmost importance.


Clients and end-users shouldn’t feel that they have to hesitate to reach out for support.

brand guide

Paige Craft: Creative Direction

Megan Smith: Designer

Chloe Markham: Color Compliance

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