True Gaia


True Gaia focuses on staying true to the earth, with truly all-natural ingredients, vegan products, eco-friendly packaging and materials, and a desire to live and encourage others to live a more sustainable life.

brand messaging

True Gaia is for people who want to know exactly what is–and what isn’t in the products they use, and who care about the Earth and its inhabitants. Which is a huge reason the symbol for Earth was an important part of this logo mark.

sustainable packaging

The overall goal was to be sure to create packaging that showed off the artisan soaps, utilized materials that were eco-friendly, and minimized waste. The soap labels were made to fit rectangle and triangle bars of soap, using wildflower seed paper, held together with natural glue, made by True Gaia’s owner, Tabatha LeMaster.

The triangle bar labels proved a challenge to create a wrap that stayed on, showed off the soap, and keep the text legible; prototyping for the win! All printing and cutting of labels is done by True Gaia, in order to minimize the environmental impact by only printing labels as needed, and by planting all scraps of the seed paper.

Finding a printer for other brand materials that were able to meet eco-friendly expectations was a fun challenge. We ended with a company that uses 100% wind energy, vegetable-based inks, strives to minimize waste, and much more.

experiential design

Tabatha built and brought the pieces together, and we worked together to create a set-up that stood out, by offering an easy browsing experience, and washing bowl to try out soap, allowing potential buyers to use the product immediately.

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